• Renew a focus on customers with the goal of improving their quality of life.
  • Transform the buying and selling of mattresses into a more pleasant and satisfying experience for both buyer and seller.
  • Increase sales volume and AUSP (average unit selling price) code for better quality sets.
  • Lower warranty and comfort returns, increase customer satisfaction.
  • Avoid “pitfalls” and find new opportunities.
  • MAKE MORE MONEY (the paradoxical byproduct of putting others’ best interests before our own).

Session 1
 "Overview of the  Mattress Industry"
1. What’s wrong with 
2. Big Picture Thinking
3. The Secret to Mattress

Session 2
 "A Different Approach"
1. The Needs vs. Wants
2. Changing Need to
3. It doesn’t matter to 
4. Sell the Company.
5. Balancing product
     knowledge with
     selling skills
6. Get your Black belt
     and never use it.
7. A Simple Product?
8. Relating mattress set
     components to comfort
     support and

Session 3 "Practical Applications"
1. Selling Suggestions
2. The Art of Stepping Up
     and Down
3. Don’t sell comfort
4. Avoiding Problems
5. Your comfort zone
6. Reducing returns,
     increasing customer
7. Better qualifying,
8. Hidden opportunities

Session 4 "Q & A / Summary"
1. Question & Answer
2. Role-playing
3. Making this seminar
     effective--now and for
     the long-term


Contact Gerry:
Telephone: 903.456.2015
Inner Spring
P.O. Box 1758
Greenville, TX 75403

"Spring Training" Mattress Sales Training
Gerry's seminars and workshops get to the heart of selling mattresses: the motivation and attitudes of both buyer and seller. (The needs vs. wants phenomenon.) In addition to attitude, perspective and awareness skills, attendees will learn practical skills that can be put to use immediately.

Presentations range from hour-long seminars to half-day and full-day workshops. The book Spring Training becomes a long-term reference manual reinforcing the effectiveness of the material.

Spring Training is not a canned presentation!
Seminars and workshops are available for both retailers and manufacturers. Each presentation is “custom designed” beginning with an extensive questionnaire. Goals are established, then the client and Inner Spring® agree upon the outline, and agenda.

Most sales people do not like to sell mattresses. Spring Training is a quick, effective, and long-lasting way to raise the level of competence of all sales people, from rookie to veteran.
This seminar is designed to be compatible with any mattress brand; in fact it sets the stage and serves as a backdrop to make manufacturer information and training even more effective.

A final note: Retailers may have everything in place: product, display, advertising, inventory, etc, but all is for naught if the sales staff is not up to the task.

Hire Gerry to speak to your organization, company, trade show, convention or market.

Take a look at these popular topics and descriptions below. Each seminar is approximately one hour with time for Q & A.


All Gerry’s presentations are enlightening and entertaining, even humous. No boring bullet points here, just quality information packaged in a unique, fascinating and fun format.


In addition to the listed topics, Gerry can prepare a customized presentation to suit your needs.


Topics and Descriptions

  How to Prepare for Today's Emboldened Mattress Shoppers

In recent years mattress shoppers have become empowered because of the proliferation of choices, the abundance of research information on the internet, and the influence of social media networks to determine what and where to buy.


Now the slow economy is turning these consumers into emboldened shoppers. Armed with knowledge they are wielding their power to seek and find that elusive “best value” for a mattress. What’s a retailer to do?


This seminar will help you meet the challenge and turn discriminating shoppers into satisfied customers.

The Essence of Retail
There is a moment in time, where all the efforts of manufacturers and retailers come down to a single conversation between Retail Sales Associate (RSA) and shopper.

This is where the ownership of goods is transferred from the supply side to the demand side of the equation. Until that happens Nothing Else Matters!

  Create A Compelling Culture

The new cliche is, “Create unique buying experiences”, but I say unique can be horrible and not everyone that visits a store buys.


Why not create an experience that so far exceeds expectation that most every guest, not just buyers, can’t wait to tell others. “Even if you don’t need a mattress now, you’ve got to go there, it’s awesome!” 


How does a retailer create that kind of culture? This dynamic seminar will explain.

A Mattress Retailer’s Plan for Success: Six Steps to Navigating the New Marketplace
Things are changing for mattress retailers, and there’s no going back. Business as usual may never again produce the results it once did.


In this retailer’s plan for success, there are six important ideas that can help grow market share, improve sales and profits, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and make the entire experience of buying and selling mattresses a more rewarding experience for both the customer and the retailer.

Setting the Stage for Effective Sales Training

This seminar is designed to “get to the heart” of selling mattresses: the motivation and attitudes of both buyer and seller. It presents new ideas, empowering concepts, and guiding principles that change perspective and inspire growth and creativity by involving the imagination. It broadens the context of selling mattresses.


These are the unique and fundamental ideas that Gerry has shared with retailers  and sales associates all over the world for more than twenty years.

Social Media Darwinism
For Retailers, it’s survival of the fittest accelerated by technology!

Consumers are paying less attention to what companies are saying about themselves relying more upon their social media networks when deciding what and where to buy.


Word of mouth now travels at light speed. Retailers can no longer afford for shoppers or customers to have anything less than outstanding experiences. Those that don’t adapt to this new era will fail, those that do will thrive.


Learn what it takes to create outstanding experiences for everyone, not just buyers, but for visitors and employees as well.

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