Announcing Furniture Training Company's New Online Course: "Sell More Mattresses with Gerry Morris."

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The Furniture Training Company (FTC), the industry's largest provider of online retail furniture sales training, and Gerry Morris's Inner Spring training company announce a strategic partnership to offer a premium, online training course "Sell More Mattresses with Gerry Morris."

The ideas and selling techniques in this course are applicable no matter what
brand of mattresses a retailer sells and is compatible with any manufacturer's existing mattress training. It is advanced sales training for salespeople working in retail mattress stores, furniture stores, department stores, and discount centers. As Gerry warns every retailer, "today's empowered mattress shoppers are armed with knowledge, on a mission to find value and they don't give second chances. Retail sales associates must be up to the task or these savvy shoppers will take their business elsewhere."

Mark Lacy, president of The Furniture Training Company, says, "For over 20 years, Gerry Morris, the 'Mattress
Guru' has been writing articles and books, and teaching salespeople how to assist their customers to buy the best mattresses they can afford. We couldn't be more excited to have
captured Gerry's wisdom, proven sales techniques, and enthusiasm for selling mattresses and put it into online training. Now every mattress or furniture salesperson can learn from Gerry himself anytime and anywhere, how to sell more mattresses.

Gerry Morris narrates every lesson in the training in his own laid-back and engaging style. The course consists of 10 highly interactive multimedia lessons that cover such topics as 'why mattress customers are buyers not lookers', 'selling sleep without putting your customer to sleep', 'the one essential tool for selling top quality expensive mattresses' and much more.

Each lesson has a printed in store learning activity and mastery test to help salespeople apply the skills and techniques they learn to selling whatever brands of mattresses their store carries. Retail owners and managers can track each sales associates progress. Certificates of achievement will be awarded as the course is completed. Subscriptions to the course provide unlimited access to all of the course lessons, tests, and activity worksheets for a full 90 days.

Retailers may subscribe their staff to Gerry's course only, or for extra savings, add it to their regular FTC online furniture training subscriptions for a small premium.

Contact Gerry:
Telephone: 903.456.2015
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