Early in Gerry's career as a manufacturer's representative for Serta Mattress Company, he determined that there was just something wrong with mattresses.  He would ask himself, "Why does such a simple product require so much training?"

One day it occurred to him: "It's not the product, it's not the Sales Associate...
It's the consumers' attitude towards buying a mattress that is the problem!"

Since he couldn't "train" the consumer, Gerry theorized "there has to be a better way to sell a mattress." He found one.  Creating the Needs vs Wants Paradox: "It's the things we need and depend on most that we least like to buy," Gerry switched his training from a focus on the product to a focus on the customer's quality of life.

This discovery helped Gerry grow his territory sales by more than six times! (This also pleased his demanding sales manager!)

Gerry is the author of two widely-read books, Spring Training and Sell More Beds Guaranteed! He currently writes the Gerry's Corner column together with feature articles for Sleep Savvy Magazine and has been a contributing writer for Furniture Today.  Over the past several years, Gerry has conducted numerous seminars and workshops across North America for thousands of bedding sales professionals.

Gerry resides in Greenville, Texas, and when not traveling North America training sales associates, he spends his time training for triathlons.  Gerry has completed in more than 130 triathlon races, including "Escape from Alcatraz" and several national championships.  He is an active church member and most enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary Jane, kids and yes, grand kids, even though he is still extremely young...well, youthful.

Gerry's passion is to assist retail sales associates to "Sell More Beds" and improve the quality of their lives by helping customers improve the quality of theirs.

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Telephone: 903.456.2015

Inner Spring
P.O. Box 1758
Greenville, TX 75403

I have been a mattress sales representative for more than 14 years. When my parents first brought me home and laid me down on my little mattress in Dallas, Texas, I knew that someday I would sell them. Well, maybe, I shouldn’t go back that far. Actually, it was entirely by accident that I ended up selling mattresses. Nevertheless, I did, and I love it.

Prior to selling mattresses, I represented several accessory lines. So, the retail furniture industry was not new to me. But unlike accessories, I found that selling beds to the retailer didn’t stop after the order was written or the goods were shipped. I had to teach salespeople how to sell them. I didn’t know how myself, but I was told to concentrate on teaching specifications, features, and benefits, and to throw in a "one-size-fits-all" selling method.

The yawning during my sales meetings was quite distracting. I discovered that most furniture salespeople didn’t like selling mattresses. ( put it nicely.) Great! Some sold mattresses reluctantly. Others openly admitted that they avoided it all cost. I tried to figure out why. I think I have.

I was curious to find out what was so different about selling mattresses from furniture. I concluded the difference was the customers’ attitude. It wasn’t the product as much as a deeper motivation of how people approach buying things they need as opposed to things they want. Need items are bought based more from an intellectual, analytical perspective (logic and reason). Want items are based more on emotional motivation. People like to buy things they want and don’t like to buy things they need. Which attitude would you rather sell to? Bingo.

When I would explain my "perspective" to sales people I started hearing comments like: "Wow, I never thought about it like that!"

I was asked to write a series of columns for a newsletter and decided to start by presenting an overall look at the bedding industry. I discussed how customers viewed purchasing a mattress set. The reaction was great. It seems that over the years, most of the focus had been on the product by itself. If you take a step back and look at the industry from the customer’s perspective, it changes everything. I learned that if you could get a customer to want a mattress, they wouldn’t ask so many questions. The whole process was easier for both buyer and seller.

I incorporated this concept into sales meetings and the yawning stopped. Okay, it lessened. We were still talking about mattresses. But an interesting thing happened. People actually would applaud. Imagine that. More and more salespeople started reporting back that this attitude adjustment changed everything. One of my dealers wrote a letter to my factory saying I had given the best sales meeting they ever had. I was shocked. When I mentioned that I had considered writing a book about mattress sales, he encouraged me to do so.

My first book, "Spring Training" quickly became the "go-to" book for Mattress Sales Associates to learn

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