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Instead of asking, "What feel or comfort level do you like?" Try asking "Are you familiar with the different comfort styles that are available?  Most people say "No" From there you can show them examples of your top models. This gives shoppers a chance to experience quality products. Once they do, they are more likely to select better quality than they may otherwise would.

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The Secret to Mattress Sales
Is there really a secret to mattress sales?
Well, yes, I happen to believe there is. This article will explain what Iʼve been teaching for over 20 years.

Why Mattresses are Challenging to Sell and Buy?
Mattresses really are challenging for RSAʼs to sell and for shoppers to buy. I know first hand. Iʼve been observing teaching, training, coaching ,writing and learning about selling mattresses for almost a quarter century.

While many sales professionals have mastered the process, many times more struggle with it on a daily basis. Just consider the amount of training it takes for RSAʼs to even reach a modest level of proficiency selling mattresses.

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Mattress Matters

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